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Discover our exceptional destinations and become a modern-day explorer by living an unforgettable experience.

Perseverance offers ethical trips committed to the preservation of ecosystems.

This eco-designed ship has elegant and comfortable cabins, ideal for voyages designed by Dr. Jean-Louis Etienne to support the Polar POD expedition.

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Eco-designed to reduce environmental impact, 
Perseverance offers you ethical trips committed to the preservation of ecosystems.

Discovering the sailboat

Polar POD expedition

Attend the largest polar expedition of modern times and discover the Polar POD as it drifts through the Southern Ocean!

Designed and built by Jean-Louis Etienne, the Polar POD is part of the New French Strategy for the Arctic and Antarctic. It is a French contribution to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development. Be the privileged witnesses of this unique adventure aiming at measuring the great polar stakes.

Observe the Polar POD and take a seat on board for the crew relief missions. Be the first to exchange with the scientists and crew members of the expedition, live and share the strong emotions of this exceptional scientific journey!

Discovering the expedition
The traveler does not leave only to see, he seeks this world that will resonate with his inner expectations.
Jean-Louis Étienne