The sailboat

Eco-designed to reduce environmental impact, Perseverance offers ethical travel committed to the preservation of ecosystems.

Features and performance

Length : 42 m 
Width : 11 m 
Draft : 4,15 m 
Cruising speed : 10 knots 
Capacity : 12 passengers 
Cabins : 8

Architect @Olivier PETIT / VPLP
Construction @PIRIOU
Photos @Florian LEDOUX
Illustrations @Nicolas Gagnon

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1 Robert Falcon Scott 1 double bed - 2 people
2 Fridtjof Nansen 1 double bed- 2 people
3 Roald Amundsen 2 bunk beds - 2 people
4 Ernest Shackleton 2 bunk beds - 2 people
5 Jean-Baptiste Charcot 1 double bed - 2 people
6 Salomon August Andrée 1 double bed - 2 people
7 Jean-Louis Etienne 2 bunk beds - 2 people
8 Robert Peary 2 bunk beds- 2 people

Life aboard

Developed with simplicity and elegance in mind, Perseverance offers all the comfort necessary for relaxation and observation.

Architect @Olivier PETIT / VPLP
Construction site @PIRIOU
Photos @Florian LEDOUX
Illustrations @Nicolas Gagnon

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The cabins

In honor of the polar explorers, each cabin is conducive to the sweetness of life.

Common areas

Take advantage of the exterior decks to enter into communion with the landscapes you have crossed.

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in the panoramic lounge offering an unobstructed view of the outside. This lounge, located on the upper deck, will also serve as a restaurant during your cruise. With the captain's permission, you can access the navigation bridge to observe the work of the officers on board and understand the life of an exploration ship. A science room, located on the lower deck, can be used to host conferences, film screenings or to work in peace.